The Most Gank for the Gold

Wed 28th Oct 2015 - 1:34am Gaming Heroes of the Storm

There are some heroes that every player should have in their arsenal. Not just because they're strong but because they're cheap. Value isn’t just a concept in Hearthstone, you know. You’ve got to invest your hard won gold well.  So here’s my list of the best heroes for the least amount of gold.



First, let's talk about the the 1000 pound armored assassin in the room, Mr. Default himself, James Raynor.  As of this writing, Patch 14.2, Raynor is the one of the strongest heroes in the game. He’s an assassin who can push out a lane when he’s alone or absolutely wreck enemies in a team fight. His self healing trait, adrenaline rush, and extra long auto attack range helps keeps him alive. That makes him a the perfect hero for someone stepping into their first MOBA. In addition to that Raynor has an auto attack build that melts even the tankiest warriors in the late game. So Raynor is seeing play in the professional scene as well as having one of the highest win-rates on Hero League according to HotS Logs. At 2000 gold Raynor maybe the best value in Heroes of the Storm right now.


Next up is warriors. Having never completely fallen out of the meta, the Mountain King, Muradin is a great value. His kit makes him a great tank out of the gate. Second wind, his trait, gives him high health regeneration and tons of survivability. His abilities Thunderclap and Storm bolt lets him slow and stun his foes. With his ability Dwarf Toss he can leap in to start a fight, catch a running enemy or escape the battle. He can even do a decent amount of damage, with the right build, though he fits the tank role much better than he does that of a bruiser. On top of all that his heroic abilities Avatar, which give him a mini-stun on every auto attack, and Haymaker, which punches a single enemy off the screen (almost) gives him the ability to turn team fights. With a 2000 gold price tag he should be in every player’s pocket.


Lastly we dig into healers. In this spot it turns out that a certain furry is pretty hard to ignore. Yes, we’re going to talk about Li Li. Why? Because she is possibly the easiest hero in the game to play. Her team can get a lot out of the little panda, without putting too much player skill into her. She has decent sustain healing with her Healing Brew ability even if you can’t aim it.  Blinding Wind, which makes opponents miss their auto attacks, combined with her heal, allows her to trade blows with assassins in the early game and her trait, fast feet, which gives her movement speed when she takes damage, makes her pretty darn hard to kill. Lastly, in the hands of a confident player Li Li’s heroic, Jug of 1000 cups, can make her a mini goddess of mercy in a team fight. Li Li is the hero people make their non-gamer significant other play so they can have a pocket healer. I don’t know if that’s a selling point, but it should be mentioned. What is a true selling point is her remarkable win rate: she sits above Raynor in the top 5. She’s a 2000 gold-easy-but effective hero to play and one every player should own.

While Li Li, in my opinion, is the best bargain healer for the casual player, for competitive players, I can’t nap on Arch-Druid Malfurion. (Right fellow lore nerds?) His kit is the total package when it comes to support. Moonfire deals a nice amount of damage. Entangling roots offers area crowd control and can be used as a self-peel in a pinch. Regrowth is his heal over time ability and his heroic Tranquility grants his teammates huge amounts of sustain. His healing over time style is unlike any other support in the game. You’ll see him drafted in games at the high competitive level, but it requires a good team composition to get the most out of him. Malfurion lacks the burst heals of other top tier supports. He does better when his team is fairly tanky.  If you're aiming for a high level of play on the cheap, or Li Li is just too cute for you, check out Malfurion



Unfortunatly, there are no specialists on this list. That’s because they're pretty heavy on the gold. You’re better off investing your gold in the above heroes if you don’t have them.


If anyone was just starting to get into Heroes of the Storm I would recommend Raynor, Muradin and Li Li as the first 6000 gold they spend. But there are plenty of honorable mentions who didn’t make my list. Valla at 2k gold is a very solid assassin with flexible builds. Malfurion, 2k gold, is a strong healer with nice crowd control  and decent damage. Sonya, 4k gold. The damage, dear gawd the damage plus huge self sustain she's the probably the best bruiser in the game at the moment.  And Zagara 7k gold. Having great push and teamfight potential she get’s a mention, but she’s too pricey to compete with the others.

If you're willing to spend real money I recommend The Starter Bundle.  $4.99. You get three strong heroes for a small investment, plus a pony!


Alright Divergent Gamers I know you’ll have some differing opinions that mine. Let’s hear them in the comments.





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  • Superb guide Rok! Using the hell out of this for my new smurf account ;) 

  • Good analysis, and I would like to add Valla to the list: 2000 gold, 3 viable builds (Q, W, AA), benefits from good micros, strong at both casual and competitive levels (heavily favored by Asian meta in all patches since Alpha, not so much in NA though), lots of fun.

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