Weekly News Update, 11/26/2015

Sat 28th Nov 2015 - 9:53pm General Gaming Heroes of the Storm E-Sports



In the tournament held on the 20th, Team Squirtle Squad (SQSQ) dominated the scene, completely defeating all opponents and not taking a single loss. Their coordination was top notch, and their team work was excellent. Here's the link to that:


Divergent Gaming is introducing a RealTalk and Critique Channels in our teamspeak. Basically, coaching. This channel for people looking to improve their play through honest yet courteous feedback between you and other players. Use this channel to improve yourself and others. While discussion is encouraged if you can’t give or receive feedback in a constructive manner please stay out of these channels. Bashing and Bad Mouthing will not be tolerated here or anywhere else on Divergent Gaming’s TeamSpeak Server.  Remember Wheaton’s Law. 

For those of you interested in having personalized coaching sessions, replay reviews, and one on one instruction, we are always willing to help your cause... in turn, we ask that you help with ours by donating to Divergent Gaming.



Who doesn't like to brag about how well they play? I sure as heck do. We're now making available the plays of the week, submitted by you guys, the players! Got a play that you did awesome? Submit it to us, and we'll post it!


This weeks play submitted by TerminXO

‘Please submit your play here to be featured in the DG News:



We are looking for feedback from you, our members, to improve Divergent Gaming and keep it growing. What do you think of our Open Heroes of the Storm Tournaments? What sort of in-house events would you like to see?

Let us know! Until then,





Andrew Dillingham

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