Divergent Gaming Weekly News 12/9/2014

Wed 9th Dec 2015 - 10:45pm General

Divergent Gaming Open 12/4

Congratulations to this week's Winners: Gale Force eSports.

After a few weeks of not taking the top prize, Gale force finds themselves back on top having defeated King of Blades Alpha 2 games to 1. Gale Force holds the record for most Open wins but I think King of Blades might have something to say about this week. The first game of the finals between these two was a nail biter. Find that game as well as past games from the DG Open on youtube. Please like and subscribe for notification when our tournament VoDs go up.


Crowdfunding Continue

Divergent Gaming is evolving. Consider donating to our crowdfunding campaign . If you can’t donate please share it around and help us get the funding we need to make Divergent great.


Recruit A Smurf Friend

We all know about Blizzards “surprise” announcement of  the Vulture mount and how you get it. We also know that most of you have invited  your friends to Heroes of the Storm and DG already. You’re probably going to make a few smurf accounts, and who could blame you. To make smurfing a little faster and a little less painful. There’s a Smurf-o-Rama channel on Teamspeak to help you find leveling buddies and level your little blue accounts faster.


Community Meeting 12/20 9pm EST

The monthly Community meeting is going to be held Sunday December 20th instead of the last Sunday of the month, to keep it from clashing with any holiday plans. Please join us on TeamSpeak and let us know about any questions or concerns you might have.



Did you make a great play and want to be featured in our weekly news? Submit a video or a replay with a time stamp to the forums here We’d love to show off Divergent Gaming’s talent and show a few enemies getting wrecked!


If you have any comments or ideas to help improve out community please post them here . We’ve already made improvements based on your suggestions. You’ll note that the site is much more mobile friendly. Please keep the feedback coming.


Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great week!







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