Divergent Gaming Weekly News 12/16/2015

Wed 16th Dec 2015 - 11:45pm General


DG Open Results!

This week the Divergent Gaming Open 12/11 winner was Squirtle Squad! They battled their way through, both King of Blades Alpha and King of Blades Omega to take our $100 prize. What thier path to victory here!

Past Divergent Gaming Opens are availible on out Youtube Channel!

You might be wondering what happened to Gale Force Esports? They were playing in the Enter The Storm Tournament! They had a pretty good showing there. Not too shabby for a team that worked their way up from the Divergent Gaming Opens!


Divergent Gaming’s  Play of the week.

This week’s play was submitted by Variations! It looks like the enemy team got an early pick, but the fight ended up a 5 v 5. Have a look. 


Newest Hero: Lunara

This week a new hero arrived in the Nexus: Lunara, First of the Dryads. It’s still too early to tell whether she’s underpowered, balanced or broken, but we’ll be sure to find out in the next few days.  As with any patch their were a few balance changes. Full details can be found here.


Check out our latest guide written by Phenom for Sylvannas

In Game Chat Improvements

One of the updates makes the in game chat much more useful. Type /join Divergent Gaming to help you find a group or just keep in touch!

Divergent Gaming on Discord!

So we’ve had a request by a member to use discord. It just so happends that Divergent Game already has a discord server and heres your invite:

Let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see!



The Community Meeting will be on Sunday the 20th on teamspeak.

The Suggestion Box is alway open.


GG Everyone





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