Divergent Gaming Weekly News 1/12/2015

Wed 13th Jan 2016 - 3:37am General

Hello again, DG. 

Pardon the dust. We've already started some changes to our TS Servers. Channles are now displayed a little more neatly, but this is just the begining. More Changes to come.

First and foremost, we are officially form the a Heroes of the Storm team to represent Divergent Gaming. Of course we’ll be starting with in-house talent. Open tryouts are being held Wednesday, Jan 13th at 4pm est, 1pm pst. Players must be at least Rank 10 in hero league and have professional attitudes. Contact Phenom in TS with any questions.

In more Heroes News. Genn Greymane has finally reached the nexus. Hopefully the wily worgen arrival (say that 3 times fast) can shake up the meta, and gives a few new team combinations and strategies into play.This is normally where the patch notes that accompany a new hero go, but this time there are no balance changes. It seems blizzard is still feeling out the scaling changes. Blizzard has said a balance patch was coming, it’s just not with this hero.  In stead of the Patch Notes lets link to Greymane's Hero Spotlight.


Congratulations to eLevate winner of the Jan 8th Divergent Gaming Open. Team NOM surprised us and knocked out favored, Gale Force Esports out in the semi final round and followed up aggressively making eLevate work hard for their win. I can’t wait to see more from Team NOM.

Have a look at how close the games are.

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Divergent Gaming’s Sustollo Campaign is continuing for a couple more weeks. Please help DG grow.


Have a good week all





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