Divergent Gaming Weekly News 1/20/2016

Thu 21st Jan 2016 - 1:36am General


Hey DG,

We’er keeping it short and sweet this week. And you’ll see why below.

Firstly congrats to King of Blades for winning the DG Open on the 15th!. Special thanks to FourCourtJester and ShaneGoocher for casting for us. They did a great job. This week Dreadnaught returns to cast, and we’ll see who comes to take our $100 prize.

Balance Changes finally come to HotS after two months. Brightwing and Malfurion got some buffs. Tyrande finally got a well deserved nerf, along with Raynor. Surprisingly Stitches got some love! Read more here for details.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, DG is expanding into new games. Folks are standing in line (because of horrendous queue times) to play Blade and Soul a free to play MMO that just hit open release. DG already has a clan. Talk to Grim on TS for an invite.

As DG explands into other games we might need more space. So we’ve have set up a discord server. Click here for an invite

And That’s about it for this week. but let's test a theory. Go to our Discord server, post a link to Nirvana vs Rick Astley video in General chat, and then tell Rok you did it on TS. She just might have something for the first HotS player who does.




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