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Thu 4th Feb 2016 - 1:59am General


DG News 2/3/16


The latest HotS hero, Li-Ming the D3 Wizard, is here and with her is coming some major changes, including the new and improved Rehgar. Look for him and Li-Ming to take people to church on in all the matches.  Full patch notes here.


Blade and Soul has a content patch incoming as well. Rising Waters are coming with a new 4-6 man dungeon, a 24 man raid as well as a 7 level solo player dungeon. Blade and soul is going big with this update next week.


The Division is in beta and is releasing in just about a month. DG is ready to go. It’s dangerous to go alone, so interested players can met up on teamspeak in the new Division channels.


Time moves on and things change. Red Rook, at least for now, has chosen to end their sponsorship of the Divergent Gaming Open tournaments. We thank them for helping us keep our minor/amaetuer series going. In the meantime, DG will have to turn to the community to help these tournaments going and the heroes scene growing. With our Sustollo campaign ended, look for more donation opportunity in the coming days.


We need your feedback. We can’t improve the Divergent Gaming Community without communication for you. Leave a note in the comments below.

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