Welcome to the New Divergent Gaming

Sat 31st Oct 2015 - 12:39am General

Welcome to the New Divergent Gaming website.


This is all thanks to you, our community members. It was your contributions that allowed us to upgrade. You supported us and we plan to keep on doing our best for you. Going forward we, the DG management team, plan to offer more to our community and the gaming community at large. There will be more DG Open Tournaments and more In-House Throwdowns! We will also be offering news articles and guides on Heroes of the Storm. As our community grows we’ll branch off into other games and esports; Maybe CS Go, perhaps Hearthstone.  I know we’re all itching to get our hands on Overwatch.

In case you were wondering, the old website isn’t shutting down. You can continue discussions you were having there at

There’s big things ahead of Divergent Gaming! Stick with us and keep walking a different path!

--DG Management Team




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  • Love this black/green theme! Feels just like The Matrix.

  • Superb new site! Well chosen, well designed, bravo!

  • Awesome new site.  Great job Rok and team!

  • Well said Rok! There's a lot of fun and excitement coming up! Hope you are all there to be part of it!

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