Blizzcon World Championship Series

Thu 29th Oct 2015 - 10:08pm Heroes of the Storm E-Sports

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

The Road to Blizzcon has been hard fought by over eighty teams, competing for the honor and privilege of competing in the World Championship Series coming this coming week at Blizzcon on November 6th and 7th. And while those eighty teams fought bravely, only 8 teams have survived to compete in the final rounds, culminating in the championship match on Saturday, November 7th.

The brackets have been adjusted according to the placement matches that occurred on October 28, and what we have seen so far has reached a boiling point:

For Group A, Cloud 9 dominated both teams GIA and Dignitas, and has advanced into the Semi-Final Rounds. In the elimination brackets, Team Dignitas will compete against the winner of the match between teams YL and GIA.


For Group B, Team NaVi dominated in their matches against teams Brave Heart and DK, and has advanced into the Semi-Final round. In the elimination brackets, Team DK will compete against either Brave Heart or Tempo Storm, depending on the winner of that bracket.



For the final round, Teams NaVi and Cloud 9 are guaranteed to compete, and their competitors will be decided at Blizzcon.


The championship match will definitely be one for the records, and not one to miss! Stay tuned folks, because it can go either way.





Andrew Dillingham

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