Surgery And Other Options For Hair Restoration

  • Thu 30th Mar 2017 - 12:02pm
    Regrow Hair Protocol Review Modern Hair Transplantation has developed a highly valued and most effective solution for hair restoration to bald zones by redistributing one's own hair. The surgical planning of this procedure has greatly evolved since its inception. The new surgical planning and resources work with ideal candidates as well as approach new avenues for hair loss treatment for diagnoses other than male pattern baldness.Hair systems offer the millions of men and women dealing with hair loss a way to regain a realistic-looking, full head of hair. Choosing a piece that blends in seamlessly with your own hair will ensure a natural look. Hair loss in both men and women is nothing new, however, this billion dollar a year industry has now found a new, non-invasive, more permanent solution to hair loss, thinning hair and scar camouflage: Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair Follicle Simulation. This new procedure involves using classic tattoo techniques in order to place thousands upon thousands of microdots on the scalp to replicate actual hair follicles. This technique gives the appearance of a freshly shaved scalp, or has the ability to give the appearance of a denser, fuller head of hear.
  • Mon 10th Jul 2017 - 6:58am
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